The Eyes Behind the Lens…


Coming for a background in Art and IT I’ve always had a creative eye coupled with attention to detail. My passion for capturing a moment allows me to create timeless images for all sorts of occasions, from weddings to lifestyle shoots, to family portraits.

Such is my passion for what I do, that I am always attending courses and workshops to further hone my skills and, improve as an artist. I am always looking to come up with ever more artistic and unique ways to capture my vision.

A photograph to me is much more than just clicking the shutter. It is all about creating and capturing the emotion of the moment with my own artistic vision, be it the first kiss between a couple, or a father holding back a tear as he watches his daughter embark on her first steps in to married life. A single image has the ability to capture a thousand emotions, it has the power to take you back in time to a precise moment and experience those emotions over again.

For me it is very important to keep an open communication channel and get to know my clients personally. This allows me to understand your vision, expectations and most importantly make it an enjoyable experience. I will endeavour to go above and beyond to supersede those expectations.